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Swivits Facts


Dear Fisherman:

Welcome to Swivits. Our Company has designed a line of cement-based fishing weights that are much different from the typical lead weights you may be using. The key factor we kept in mind in designing this product is protecting the environment. At Swivits we have managed to keep the overall cost in line to be comparative or less expensive then lead.

Why use Swivits Cement  weights opposed to Lead  Fishing weights

Environmentally and Reservoir safe -Many States have banned or are in the process of banning the use of lead weights when Fresh Water fishing. By using the Swivits Cement based fishing weight you will not cause any harm to the environment. Many birds, fish and other species are in jeopardy with the use lead weights.
Comparative Cost – The Swivits product line is a more economical solution to the increasing price of lead based fishing weights, considering the benefit of a swivel or snap swivel .
Swivel Advantage - Each Swivits product comes with a built in swivel or snap-swivel which greatly decreases tangles and snags. You would have to try it to understand you will feel the “bite of the fish”!! like never before .Great for bottom fishing and drifting, try or casting model also for surf fishing .
.-  All of our products have U.S. patents and SWIVITS Trademark.
Swivits are numbered traditionally by the ounce and heavier when wet.

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U.S. Patent # D677,358 S

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