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Swivits Mission is to reduce the thousands of tons of lead added to our oceans, lakes and rivers every year. We will accomplish this by manufacturing an affordable alternative to lead fishing sinkers giving Anglers a reasonable choice to change. For centuries lead has been the only product available for bottom fishing. Swivits guarantees that you will catch fish when used properly.


  • No harm to the environment. Many States have been banning one ounce and smaller lead sinkers in Lakes and Rivers.
  • Swivits are made with Hydraulic cement and crushed stone mix. They are extremely durable and heavier when wet. Porous to absorb fish attractants.
  • Swiveling sinker for extra value and functionality. Lose less rigs, less tangles and less snags. Snap swivel on larger sizes allows for easy snap on and easy snap off line attachments
  • Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic shapes for all bottom fishing applications.
  • DRIFT SINKER : Round to provide smooth performance while covering more fishing grounds. You will feel the bite of the fish not the snags of bottom structure. From 1oz. to 12oz.
  • DEEP DROP SINKER : Bullet shaped with stabilizer ribs descend to the target and stays in place. From 4oz. to 5 lbs. Slow descend is recommended ( do not free spool )
  • SURF CASTING SINKER : Aerodynamic for longer casting distance and shape of flukes will embed in any bottom. Keeps your bait from rolling back to the shore. From 2oz. to 6oz.
  • EGG SINKER : Round and hydrodynamic. Designed with a non-abrasive built in sleeve for free sliding fish finding action. From 1/2 oz. to 6 oz.
  • Profile is larger then lead. Add an extra ounce or two to compensate in strong currents.
  • Custom colors are available for camouflage to blend into different bottom fishing areas
  • Swivits are the least expensive non lead fishing sinkers available, and comparative to lead sinkers prices, with extra value of a swivel or snap swivel
  • Trademarked
  • Patented
  • US D691,696 S US D699,317 S US D677,358 S US D708,292 S SWIVITS TM.

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